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Sometime a few years ago, the people behind Kei Ka'ala pointed out one thing that was missing from the Big Island: an authentic home away from home, a place that vacationers could retreat to after enjoying everything else that the Big Island had to offer, a sanctuary where people could freely be themselves and do what pleased them.

And so Kei Ka'ala was born. Refurbished in 2005, this fully furnished vacation home promises an escape for the traveler looking for a home in Hawaii.

The phrase “lounge lizard” takes on a whole new meaning at Kei Ka’ala. Inspired by the ultimate lounge lizard, the glorious gecko, Kei Ka’ala lets you lead the lifestyle of this charming reptile.
A typical day for the gecko consists of lazing around all day and basking in the sun as it pleases. And that is exactly what you can do at Kei Ka’ala, free to lounge around as you please or go off and explore the many attractions and activities found on the Big Island.

When faced with danger, the glorious gecko casts off its tail, and goes on about its life as if nothing happened. Just like what every vacationer should do at Kei Ka'ala- cast off all worries and stresses, throw all caution to the wind and relish every relaxing moment while on the Big Island.

Highly territorial and possessive of their domain, geckos make it a point to mark their spots. Something that holds true for every Kei Ka'ala guest, marking this quaint and comfortable tropical home as his own whenever trips to the Big Island are made.

Go ahead. Do like the glorious gecko. Here at Kei Ka'ala.